This is an Overdose of Attack on Titan Manga

I've been reading the Attack on Titan manga for a while now, but ever since the anime came out, things have been getting out of hand. » 8/14/14 6:40am 8/14/14 6:40am

There's a Good Reason Why This Game Is Japan's Current Best-Seller

Yokai Watch 2 (妖怪ウォッチ2), the sequel to the exceedingly popular Yokai Watch, has been selling like gangbusters in Japan. And for good reason. Not only is the TV anime going strong and related toys disappearing off of store shelves faster than they can stock them, but the game itself is a whole lot of fun. » 8/07/14 7:00am 8/07/14 7:00am

I Really Like the Final Fantasy XIII Series Now

I previously wrote that a 3-part short novella epilogue to the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy was being released. Now that I've had a chance to sit down and read them all through, I actually like the game series a whole lot more. » 7/31/14 8:00am 7/31/14 8:00am

What Devil's Third is About and Why it's a Wii U Exclusive

Devil's Third, was announced as a Wii U exclusive at E3 this year. A bit of a surprise considering the game was originally slated for release on the PS3 and Xbox 360. So why the change in platforms? And what's the game about? » 7/24/14 7:00am 7/24/14 7:00am