The PS4 is Number One in Japan Thanks to Dragon Quest

Recently, Japan saw the release of the latest Warriors-style collaborative game, Dragon Quest Heroes. The game sold well, but it also had the added effect of pushing PS4 sales to the top of the charts. Sometimes all it takes in an old classic. » 3/12/15 7:30am 3/12/15 7:30am

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is All About the Combat

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is an iOS/Android game that takes characters and creatures from almost every main numbered Final Fantasy game and lets your create your own party to fight against those creatures. In short, it's a game for Final Fantasy fans who really love the old-school combat from the earlier games. » 3/12/15 6:00am 3/12/15 6:00am

Deep Down is Still M.I.A.

Recently, Capcom made an announcement about an ambitious online game with the initials DD. But the new Dragon's Dogma wasn't exactly the game that people were expecting Capcom to highlight. So what's going on with that other game? » 2/12/15 6:00am 2/12/15 6:00am

A Live Action Terraformars Movie is a Terrible Idea

Following the Attack on Titan model, Terraformars, the popular manga/anime series, will be getting a live action movie in 2016. That sure is an awful idea. Here's why. » 2/12/15 5:00am 2/12/15 5:00am